UNIST Center for Teaching and Learning[CTL] has been founded in Dec, 2010 in order to strengthen university education through the research and development of teaching and learning methods.
The center consists of three teams (i.e. the team for teaching and learning, e-Education, Media education support, offering various programs

CTL has been providing professors and students with dynamic research activities and support programs. CTL also supports for e-Education and high-tech educational media/environment for the quality of teaching and learning. For faculty, CTL has programs to learn how to teach better with the proper use of educational media in curriculum. CTL also offers an e-Education environment where the implementation of LMS helps overcome barriers to face-to-face classes and increase interaction between professors and students. More supports will be given to numerous researches of which topics include pedagogical strategy, course improvement, evaluation methods, how to facilitate e-Education, and the policy of higher education.

For students, CTL runs academic workshops or seminars to support student learning activities and organize programs to promote student learning competency. Guides for teaching and learning, online boards, news letters are in the process of development so as to continuously keep professors and students updated with recent trends in teaching and learning. Currently, we are seeing big changes in education from all of the world. UNIST CTL will play a significant role in cultivating global, creative talents contributing to humankind to meet the need of the society.


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